Time and Vision


Mesolithic evidence will be shown here from Italy, Scandinavia, Jordan, and the Zambia. Figure 25a below, from Cala dei Genovesi, Sicily (after D'Errico 1992:104, fig. 9). Engraved pebble showing entoptic IIa. Figure 25b below, from Åskollen, eastern Norway (after Coles 1991:134, fig. 6b). Depicting the outline of an Elk which has been infilled with geometric patterns. Figure 25c below, from Ejsing, western Jylland (after Schultz 1983:54, fig. 28). Amber pendants featuring entoptics Ia (fragmented), IIa and IVa. Figure 25d below, from Rykmaksgård on Sjaelland (after Schultz 1983:54, fig. 29). Club of aurochs bone, engraved with figurative and non-figurative motifs including entoptics Ia and IVa.

Figures 26a below left and b right, from Dhuweila, Jordan (after Betts 1987:220, fig. 5 and 6). Featuring entoptic 1a and IV. Figure 26c below, from Dhuweila, Jordan (after Betts 1987:216, fig. 2). 'Dancing men', might this be interpreted as a shamanic representation? Figure 26d below, from Katolola, the Zambia (after Phillipson 1972:321, fig. 25). Red schematic paintings featuring entoptic IIa.

Tables 11 and 12 show common Mesolithic motifs.

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